Tuesday, 17 July 2012

On Infopath 2010 "Unable to connect to the SharePoint site."

This is the scenario, you are going to Infopath 2010, you go to File->Sharepoint List and when it ask to enter the location of a Sharepoint list, you enter your site and gives you this error: "Unable to connect to the SharePoint site."

The problem is simple, your web application needs a Root site. This is common when you create a site with the wizard so you get http://xxx/sites/mynewsite. What we can it is to create a site for http://xxx/.

  1. Go to Central Administration.
  2. Site Collections->Create site collections.
  3. Select web application where you want to create site collection from the drop down.
  4. Give a desiredtitle/description and select “/” from the URL drop down. Front slash stands for a top level site. You will not see it listed in the drop down if you have already created a top level site collection because you can only create one top level site collection per web application.
  5. Try Infopath 2010 now!