Friday, 23 September 2011

Managing blocked file types in Sharepoint 2010 with Web UI

Jim, my work mate, was trying to enable exe files in a Sharepoint web application. Unfortunatly he wasn’t very happy, just because nothing worked. He asked my for help and sadly I didn’t know the answer, well I knew the answer but something wasn’t going well.

We managed to find the answer. The problem was that we were using a different Web Application.

I am going to do a Step by Step to show you how to unblock exe files from your web application.

MSDN suggests these files are blocked by default:



- Step 1:
Go to central administration (be sure you are administrator) and click on “Security”

- Step 4:
Now click on “Define blocked types”.

- Step 5:
Select the Web Application you want to change by clicking in “Change Web Application”. After that, remove the exe extension from the list. If you want to block more extensions, just add a new line with the extension name. Click OK, and work done!

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