Thursday, 14 October 2010

Applying themes to a Sharepoint Site with PowerPoint 2010.

Applying themes in Sharepoint has been always a headache but Microsoft decided to make our lives easier with tthe new Office 2010 and PowerPoint.
The process of applying a Theme is a 5 minute job. You basically create/select your theme in PowerPoint,  upload it, and apply it.

Follow my steps and you will be able to do it in 5mins!

1- Open Powerpoint 2010

2- Click on the top Ribbon it says "Design"

3- Select Theme, any.

4- Click on Save as

5- Type mycompany and select Office Theme type.

6- On your site: Go to Site Settings->Galleries->themes

7- Add new item.

8- Browse for the theme you saved before and save it. You will see it on the list.

9- On Site Setting-> Look and Feel -> Site Them.

10- Click on my company and Apply

11- Job done!

As you see this new way to deploy themes is pretty quick and give us a really good tool to see exactly how everything will look like. On the other hand we can always change the colours from Sharepoint so we can be as much accurate as we want.

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